Pale Ale Collection

Pale ale is the most popular craft beer style down under. Easy drinking and ultra refreshing, cool down with four of the best pale ales Australia produces. Case includes 16 bottles of pale ale, tasting notes, beer glass guide and a crafty bottle opener.


  • 4 x Dad & Dave’s #1 Pale Ale 330ml, ABV: 4.6% (Balgowlah, NSW)
  • 4 x Pact Mount Tennent Pale Ale 330ml, ABV: 5.2% (Canberra, ACT)
  • 4 x Riverside Brewing Company Fifty Five Pale Ale 330ml, ABV: 5.5% (Parramatta, NSW)
  • 4 x Pirate Life Pale Ale 355ml, ABV: 5.4% (Hindmarsh, SA)
  • Tasting Notes
  • Beer Glass Guide
  • Gift Card (Optional)
  • Delivery


About the beer

Dad & Dave's Pale Ale

– Australian Pale Ale
– ABV: 4.6%
– 4 x 330ml Bottles

Dad & Dave’s #1 Pale Ale is brewed with 100% Australian Pale Malt and Pacific Gem hops (New Zealand). The hops balance the malt sweetness and the tropical fruit flavour while maintaining the sessional quality typical of Australian Pale Ales.

Pact Mount Tennent Pale Ale

– American Pale Ale
– ABV: 5.2%
– 4 x 330ml Bottles

The Mount Tennent Pale Ale walks the tightrope of accessible and mind blowing all at once. It’s a tantalisingly hoppy and sessionable American Pale Ale with touches of tropical and citrus fruits.

Riverside Fifty Five Pale Ale

– Pale Ale
– ABV: 5.5%
– 4 x 330ml Bottles

Fifty Five Pale Ale displays a deep amber colour along with an alluring full-bodied, complex character. Riverside add truck loads of American cascade hops late in the brewing process giving the Fifty Five its classic bouquet and spicy flavour.

Pirate Life Pale Ale

– Pale Ale
– ABV: 5.4%
– 4 x 355ml Cans

The brief Pirate Life gave themselves for their flagship beer was that it should be able to be sent to any bar in San Diego and to stand proudly alongside the many great Pales produced in, and around, the west coast of the US. The schematic for a West Coast Pale Ale is bucket loads of big US hops, full malty backbone and a characterful yeast. That is what this Pale Ale is all about.